How to Win the Powerball Lottery

As we’re constantly reminded, there is only a small chance of winning the top prize of any lottery. It’s billions to one, somebody wins the top prize almost every week. There are things you can do to improve your chance of winning the lottery. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t involve positive thinking or the Law of Attraction, but practical steps.


Hedge Your Bets With Better Odds

Have you ever heard of a lottery claiming “a greater chance of winning than lottery X”? They’re not lying – they can’t make a claim they can’t back up. The first step is to find a lottery with better odds: the lower they are, the greater the chance of a win. It’s simple logic. At present, Powerball has a 1:292m chance of winning. That might sound very high, but large prizes are given out every week to Powerball winners.


Syndicate: The More The Merrier

Around 20% of all jackpot winners won as part of a group. Proportionally compared to the number of individual players, that’s a staggering number. It’s always better to play in a syndicate due to group pooling funds for a greater number of lines. Playing with an online operator such as Lottoland, you don’t have to drum up support from friends or family members who might wish to play alone. Simply choose a syndicate, choose a number of share lines, and let them do the hard work.


System Betting

Forego the traditional model altogether and bet on a much larger pool of numbers, increasing your odds of winning. System betting is simply betting on a larger sequence. Choose 10 numbers for a particular week’s draw of the Powerball (when only 5 plus the Powerball are drawn) and you increase your combinations on a single bet and therefore your chance of winning something. It’s a great alternative way to play a lottery online.


Randomise Your Number Selection

The problem with choosing your lottery numbers is that there is no such thing as true randomness. Virtually all draws in all lotteries have come out in a sequence. There might be grouped ending in 5 (5, 15, 25 etc). Randomising eliminates the problems of careful selection for randomness that are hard to achieve. While random numbers don’t provide a better chance of winning, they do increase the likelihood of a bigger prize through avoiding the numbers commonly chosen by everybody.


PowerPlay Option

Don't forget that Powerball comes with a special feature called PowerPlay. This allows you to boost your potential winnings as it multiplies potential lower tier winnings by a number of between 2 and 10.


Subscription Betting

How many times have we heard that somebody missed out on a lottery win because they forgot to buy a ticket? With subscription models, you’ll never need to worry about whether you got this week’s ticket on time. Simply place your bet and let it recur for however long you need. Lottoland will take care of the rest. It couldn’t be easier. Ideal for people going on holiday and unable to buy a ticket.

There we have it. Five simple and practical ways to improve your chance of winning the Powerball or any other lottery. Take a look at Lottoland to see which lotteries and games appeal to you. Alternatively, use the Quick+ tab to choose a random selection of numbers.