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Canadian Lottery Winners Who Dreamed the Winning Numbers

Woman sleeps and dreams about winning the lottery.

Most people, even those who would never consider walking through the doors of a casino, dream of winning one of those juicy multi-million lottery jackpots. Such a vast amount of money could fulfil just about any desire you have in your life; whether that is traveling, quitting your office job, buying fancy cars, or countless other ambitions. Simply put, winning the jackpot could free you of all financial constraints.

Regular lottery players usually have their own strategies in their attempts to bag the grand prize. Some randomly guess the winning numbers, some pick their ‘lucky’ numbers and others, albeit a small percentage, claim to be able to predict the winning numbers through dreams.  This may sound like fiction, but in Canada, there are some lottery winners who claim to have foreseen the winning numbers in their dreams.

Psychology experts believe that dreams express the desires that are suppressed within our minds. So dreaming of winning the jackpot could mean that you are either a player or have considered playing the jackpot. What it doesn't mean, however, is that you will definitely win the jackpot. Winning is entirely based on luck and as you know, it is always a fairly long shot.

That said, here are the personal accounts of Canadians who reportedly dreamed of the winning numbers and actually won multimillion jackpots.


Olga Beno

For almost three decades, Olga Beno used the same numbers on her lottery tickets. The lady claims to have dreamed of the numbers in May 1989 and has used them ever since before finally winning a CAD $5.3 million jackpot in December 2016.

The big win couldn’t have come at a better time for Olga, who had already sold her home to fund her ongoing cancer treatment. When she first saw the winning combination on her TV, she was unsure if she had won because her vision is slightly impaired. She finally allowed herself to believe that she had won after seeing the same numbers in the following day’s newspaper.

Olga revealed that she would use the winnings to build a ranch-style home. The Nova Scotia resident also stated that she would take her family to Disney World as gratitude for the support they gave her while she was recovering from her illness.


Mary Wollens

Mary Wollens regularly played the lottery before she eventually won big in September 2006. That week, Mary opted for the quick pick where the computer randomly generates numbers for your lottery ticket. That night she had a dream where she won the lottery with those numbers, and this inspired the then 86-year-old Toronto resident went to buy another ticket using the same numbers that were on the first one.

Normally, picking two tickets with the same numbers would be regarded as a pretty silly move. After all, at least if you choose different numbers you are giving yourself a second chance to win. However, Mary was certain that her dream had foretold the future, and amazingly enough her gamble turned out to be a winning one.  When the draw was made, it turned out that she wasn't the only player to have picked the lucky numbers. She, however, received two-thirds of the $24 million jackpot because she had two tickets. 

Mary used her fortune to acquire a lavish home in a rich neighborhood. She also planned a trip to Las Vegas to see if her luck extended to the casino floor.


Khalaf Shammo

After dreaming about winning the lottery, Khalaf went on and bought a ticket in Winnipeg for just $4. As luck would have it, he won the $1 million jackpot prize awarded by the Lotto 6/49 lottery. Not a regular lottery player, Khalaf just had ‘a feeling’ after his dream, and it turns out that sometimes dreams really come true!

Similar to other lottery winners, Khalaf was surprised by his newfound fortune. He disclosed that he plans to use the money to start a family business and improve his living conditions.


Maria Digel

Similar to Olga Beno, Maria repeatedly chose the same combination on her lottery tickets for 30 years! Maria didn’t dream up the winning numbers though, as the combination of 7, 11, 12, 13, 35 and 41 represents the ages at which family members emigrated to Canada and the date they arrived. The serial lottery player finally did have a dream that she won a million dollars which she shared out among her family members.

Clearly a person with strong family ties, no doubt her relatives were delighted to discover that she won not one but seven million dollars. Despite winning that gigantic sum, Maria stated that she would not change her lifestyle.


Now we are certainly not going to claim that dreaming about a lottery win is a sure-fire route to hitting the jackpot. The fact is that every lottery draw is completely random and your dreams are not going to be able to change that. However, if you decide to play the lottery this week, why not shoot for the stars with the record-breaking Powerball jackpot. After all, one thing we do know is that dreams sometimes really do come true.