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Can a Foreigner Win the US Powerball?

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Permanent Residents and Visitors

If you’re not a citizen but currently working in the US, you are perfectly entitled to buy Powerball lottery tickets and claim the prizes. As a permanent resident (or a Green Card holder as they are informally called), you have indefinite leave to stay in the United States of America. Not a citizen, but with pretty much all the rights of a citizen – aside from voting and standing for office.

Even as a holidaymaker on a two-week jaunt to Disney World, you are entitled not just to buy US Powerball tickets, but to claim the prize too. The only caveat is that you must be in the country to claim it. If a draw is made before you leave the country, a small prize may be claimed at any participating store. You are also eligible for larger prizes that you must claim in person, but you must claim in person and cannot get somebody else to do it for you. Of course, if you win a large enough prize, the cost of an extended stay is not going to be anything to worry about. You can extend your stay, reorganise your flight, and head to lottery offices to collect your cheque.

In fact there has been a Canadian winner of Powerball. Known only as 'P', the lucky winner took home one million dollars from Powerball. 


From the Comfort of Your Armchair, Bed, Office Room, Garden…

If you’re not in the US anytime soon, there is a better and cheaper way to buy a US Powerball lottery ticket. It’s from your own home, your favourite coffee shop, even while taking your dreary Monday morning commuter bus. That’s right. You don’t need to go to the US at all to win the US Powerball lottery. As much as you might enjoy going to Disneyland or Disney World, shopping in New York or indulging for a week in Las Vegas, it’s an expensive way to buy a ticket. Plus, there is no guarantee of a win. It’s not much of a victory to spend thousands on a flight and hotels and win just a few hundred dollars.

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