PowerBall – The American Dream

The Biggest Lottery Jackpot Of All Time

The legendary Powerball draw that took place on 13th January is officially over. Here’s the result in numbers:

Here are some of the newest winner stories from the memorable 13th Jan Powerball draw:


Bryon Stewart, 23 (won the $2 Million Powerball prize)

A security officer at the Winna Vegas Casino & Resort in Onawa, Bryon Stewart was so happy when he found out he had became a millionaire that he couldn’t sleep after the world-record Powerball draw on 13th Jan. Together with his girlfriend, he spent the entire night celebrating and dreaming about what to spend his lottery winnings on.

"We looked at the numbers and I was reading them off and my girlfriend was saying yes or no,” Stewart remembers. “And she kept saying yes every time. It got to that last number where she said no, but we knew we'd already won."


North Carolina Co-workers (won the $2 Million Powerball prize)

Six co-workers working at a pharmaceutical company in Morrisville got extremely lucky on Jan 13th when they won the $2 Million Powerball prize by matching all 5 white numbers. They bought $3 PowerPlay tickets, as it was a tradition to pool their money every time the PowerBall jackpot gets over $100 Million. "There's no way this could be real", one of them said. "Next thing I know I'm going to wake up and this whole thing will never have happened."


Shaadi Edwards, 27 (won the $1 Million Powerball prize)

A first-time lottery player, Shaadi Edwards decided to give her luck a try at the famous Powerball draw on 13th Jan for a chance to win the enormous 1.5 Billion Powerball jackpot. Little did she know that using ages and birthdays of her family will get her the sweet $1 Million Powerball prize! The new millionaire is planning to buy a new home, pay off her grandparents' house, and do advocacy work.


Bart Stimer, 45 (won the $1 Million Powerball prize)

Bart Stimer got extremely lucky on Jan 13th. Together with his wife, he was on his way to race their horses in Cleveland. He stopped to grab a drink and saw the tempting Powerball jackpot, so he quickly bought a Quick Pick Powerball ticket. Later on that day, the ticket almost flew out the window, but Bart managed to grab it just in time. Luck was his best companion for the whole day as one of the family horses even won the race they attended! A few days later, he found out that Jan 13th (and the Powerball ticket that almost flew out the window) made him a millionaire. "I'm happy to have won $1 million", Stimer said. "It won't change our lifestyle, we'll be the same people we've always been, we'll just be a little more comfortable."


"Lucky 5", a group of New Mexico coworkers (won $50,000)

"Lucky 5", the coworkers sharing the workspace at a local IT Department AND a Powerball prize of $50,000, matched 4 white numbers (4, 8, 27 and 34) and the Powerball number 10 using a Quick Pick! They usually contributed $2 each, but for the 13th Jan Powerball draw, they decided to double their money. That was a smart decision as their $20 Powerball ticket paid off, making each one of them $10,000 richer.


Eli Ramirez (won $50,000)

Another New Mexico lottery player made his family happy by winning $50,000 from the Jan 13th Powerball draw. His winning numbers, a combination of birthdays, ages and years married, were chosen by his wife. "Everything that happens", Mrs. Ramirez said, "is a blessing." The family is planning to invest their win in a new home.


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