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Sun 29 Nov 2015

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Powerball Results & Winning Numbers

Powerball Rules & Regulations

How to play PowerBall

In Powerball Lottery players try to match 5 white numbers (1-59) and 1 red number (1-35) the "Powerball" to win the jackpot.

There are different tiers of prizes based on different winning combinations. For the major prizes the winning money will be shared equally amongst all of the players who hold winning tickets. If the jackpot is not won than the prize money will continue to "rollover" to the next draw until there is a winner. Rollovers are common and it is in this way that the Powerball creates some of the largest lottery prizes anywhere in the world.

The Powerball Power Play

The PowerBall Power Play is a special feature which was introduced several years ago and has proved very popular with players. For a small increase in ticket price, players who win a prize (apart from the jackpot) will have their money multiplies, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. Which multiplier is used is based on another draw and there is a 10% (3 out of 30) chance of the 4x and 10% chance of the 5x being drawn (3 out of 30).

Powerball age limit

In most US states the age limit for the Powerball Lotto is 18 although in in Louisiana, Iowa and Arizona it is 21 and in Nebraska you must be 19 years to play. Playing online at Lottoland you must be 18 to play.

Claiming Powerball prizes from within the United States

Different American States have different tax rates and different methods for claiming prizes. Small prizes can usually be claimed for cash at the same store where the ticket was originally purchased and the store owner will be reimbursed by the state lottery commissioner. Larger prizes must be verified by special committees and claimed directly through the Powerball organising body. If you are playing Powerball from within the United States you should note that you can only claim a prize from within the same state as the ticket was sold to you. Also remember that when buying an offline ticket you only have 1 year to claim your prize after which time all winnings will be donated to a charity or worthy cause

Claiming PowerBall prizes online playing outside of the United States

When you play PowerBall online from the UK any prizes will be credited directly into your account once the numbers are verified. Larger prizes will usually be paid out in instalments over several years as they are in the United States. By playing the PowerBall lottery online you do not have to worry about losing your ticket or claiming a prize in time since it is all dealt with digitally.

If you are playing within the United States then you must pay state and federal tax on any lottery winnings depending on where you bought your ticket. These tax rates are broken down below:

The state Tax deductions are as follows:

Arizona 5% Nebraska 5%
Arkansas  7% New Hampshire  No Tax on Lotto
California No Tax on Lotto New Jersey 3%
Colorado 4% New Mexico 6%
Connecticut 6.70% New York 8.82%
Delaware No Tax on Lotto North Carolina 7%
District of Columbia No Tax on Lotto North Dakota 3.99%
Florida No Tax on Lotto Ohio 4%
Georgia 6% Oklahoma 4%
Idaho 7.80% Oregon 8%
Illinois 5% Pennsylvania No Tax on Lotto
Indiana 3.40% Rhode Island 7%
Iowa 5% South Carolina 7%
Kansas 5% South Dakota No Tax on Lotto
Kentucky 6% Tennessee No Tax on Lotto
Louisiana 5% Texas No Tax on Lotto
Maine 5% U.S. Virgin Islands Unknown State Tax
Maryland 8.75% Vermont 6%
Massachusetts 5% Virginia 4%
Michigan 4.35% Washington No Tax on Lotto
Minnesota 7.25% Washington, D.C. 8.50%
Missouri 4% West Virginia 6.50%
Montana 6.90% Wisconsin 7.75%

The Powerball Lottery is not available to play in the following states as they are not registered as state lotteries by USA law: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada & Utah.

You are required to pay a Federal Tax of 25% should you reside in California, Delaware, District of Columbia, South Dakota & Pennsylvania.

Because the United Kingdom does not tax lottery winnings if you bet on the Powerball results as a UK resident you will not be subject to these taxes - meaning you stand to win a significant amount more than an American Powerball player if you win a major prize